You Matter


You matter.
Not just to yourself.
You matter to others.
You matter to God.
You matter to your family.
You matter.

It’s easy to think that maybe you don’t matter. For those who took quarantine seriously, perhaps you feel less like you matter than you did.

The fact is, you change the world for the people closest to you, whether they be family, friends, co-workers or those in your church family.

So many people are dealing with a sense of seclusion and a false sense of ease by choosing to stay in the shadows of life while others have emerged to start living again.

You matter because you are made in the image of God.
You matter because Jesus has a plan for your life.
You matter because someone needs to experience the love of Christ through you.
You matter because you matter to me…to us…and I hope you know that your life is more than just mere survival.

This weekend we continue our series on “The Gospel” and we’re exploring how much you matter to God while we worship and then we are going to spend time re-connecting at our first “Table” in almost 2 years. It’s going to be a great day and I hope you’ll join us!

You know what? You should invite a friend, too. Let them know they matter to you, too.

Pastor Mark

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