Living on Mission

Central to being a child of God and a disciple of Jesus is to be His hands and feet in the world. The Great Commission is a call to not only Love God, but to love people – tangibly, and with intention. We believe that being a Christian isn’t really about us at all, but about giving ourselves, our lives, our talents, and our resources away so that the Kingdom of God might advance in this world. That we might be swept up in and carried away by the great story that God is telling. In short, we believe that this life in Christ is far more than a creed to believe, or a service to attend, but rather a crazy adventure to be lived in fellowship with each other and the Living God. Our lives can make a difference wherever we go. The Gospel is best understood when it’s seen.

God invaded our world and brought salvation, forgiveness, and new life in Christ not so that we could keep and consume it, but that we as the recipients of His Grace might share it with the world around us.

Making an impact on the lives of others around the world is important to us because it was important to Jesus. At Journey, we are seeking to make an impact locally and around the world to help meet physical and spiritual needs in partnership with the following missions organizations.

Housed in the Building of Red Bank United Methodist Church, The Red Bank Community Food Pantry is a ministry, not just of Red Bank United Methodist Church, but a ministry of the entire community. We are different churches, organizations and individuals coming together with the goal of serving people who need help, especially as it pertains to food insecurity. Click here to get involved!

Room in the Inn is a unique ministry in Chattanooga where homeless women and mothers with children can find shelter, food, and training for a career so they can make it on their own. We regularly prepare meals, provide basic needs, and help with special events for residents and their children.

Jesus instructs us to specifically care for widows in our community. Widows Harvest gives us the opportunity to volunteer our time and talents to care for the physical needs of widows in our community as well as meet some of their physical needs.

We have partnered with 10/40 Connections for several years internationally to help combat sex trafficking in the 10/40 window as well as provide clean water, training for church planters, and most recently, start a mobile seminary for indigenous believers in a very sensitive part of the world.