The Epistles of John: Walking in Love and Truth

Beginning Sunday, June 30th

Join us for an interactive sermon series as we dive into 1, 2, and 3 John. Each week we will read a chapter during the week and teach/dialogue about it on Sunday mornings. Come with your thoughts, insights, and questions. The sermon will consist of teaching and time for questions and dialogue. John’s letters are rich with discussion about how to follow Christ in love and truth. Both are incredibly important for us, today.

Reading Schedule:

June 30: 1 John, Chapter 1
July 7: 1 John, Chapter 2
July 14: 1 John, Chapter 3
July 21: 1 John, Chapter 4 (Worship in the Park)
July 28: 1 John, Chapter 5
August 4: 2 John, Chapter 1
August 11: 3 John, Chapter 1