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The church is more than a place, it’s a people who have experienced the amazing love of Christ. Journey Church is a place for people who aren’t perfect, but are on a journey to become what God created them for. You can truly “come as you are” to any of our events or services. We hope you will stop by on a Sunday morning for worship or for one of our special events or small groups. Journey Church is a place where you can belong and become so much more. See you soon!

Need Prayer?

There are times when life is overwhelming, when all we have is questions. In those moments, hope can feel far away. The great thing about prayer is that it shifts our perspective toward the One who stands ready to listen. No matter what you’re facing, we’d love to pray with you!


Your life and your faith will go where your rhythms take you. Interestingly, they’re not about legalistically doing things either. Rhythms are about experiencing change in the way we see ourselves, our world and ultimately, how we see God. If you’re stuck, you probably have a set of rhythms that are keeping you there. If you are growing and experiencing God and life fully, you didn’t get there by accident. We’re growing deep by developing deeper rhythms, together.


An important part of childhood is learning which grown-ups you can trust. The very first phone number most kids tend to learn is an emergency number because it’s important to know who to call when we need help! In this series, we’ll help kids see that they can always call on God for the things they need. As kids hear the story of Israel escaping slavery in Egypt (and what happened afterward), they’ll discover that God helps us when we’re helpless, helps us in our weakness, helps us when we’re in trouble, and will even help us help others. God is the help we need — always!

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