What is the True Power of Love?

As a mother of two young children I have thought about my ability to love on numerous occasions. There are some days, or some hours of the day, where I question my sanity over something my child does…but I have never questioned my love for them. At the same time parenthood has given me comparisons as to what maybe God the Father experiences with us.

For instance, when my son does the opposite of what I ask of him. I know it’s best that he doesn’t jump around on the couch while running back and forth on it simply because one wrong step means meeting the floor. But he does it anyway (and meets the floor). The first thing I want to do is say, “I told you so.” But I refrain. Why? Because that isn’t what he needs to hear at the time. His ego is hurt (as is maybe his head depending on how he fell). Besides, he got the look from me that said it all before I ask if he’s alright and if he’ll listen to me next time.

God has set out instructions for us in His Word, the Bible. He also placed within us the Holy Spirit that can tug at you when something just isn’t right. We have opportunity after opportunity to listen. But like hyper 4-year-olds we have to learn the hard way at times. The lesson may be harder than not jumping on the couch though. It brings more harm than a slightly bruised ego. God doesn’t abandon you even then. He continues to love you even when you don’t listen.

The power of love is that when the ones you love the most screw up, don’t listen, fall short, or generally make mistakes you don’t abandon them. Failure is hard. Not having the ones you love to stand by you when you fail is even harder. Love can cure so many things. It just has to be expressed correctly. If you struggle with knowing how to love…look to the one who is love. God.

The things God has done for us are immeasurable. We did not deserve it (still don’t) and yet He loves anyway. A relationship with the ultimate definition of love enables you to love others.

“But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

So, what is the true power of love? Loving despite someone’s faults. Christ loved you while you sinned. He loves you still if you do it again. That example should be enough for us to love each other.

Stephanie Henderson
Student Pastor

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