What are you passionate about?

Before reading further, ask yourself, “What am I really passionate about?”

Secondly, I apologize for the Disney references, as we just got back from vacation.

Now back to my post: Even before I was dating my wife, I knew she was very passionate about Disney [read “Disney-freak”]. Knowing this and trying to sweep her off her feet like the Prince Charming I am, I started learning as much as I could. I’ve listened to countless podcasts, read blog posts, looked at crowd calendars, watched a ton of movies that I apparently should have watched in my childhood, read yummy menus, learned what ADR, MNSSHP, FP, FP+ mean, and I’ve been to Disney twice in less than a year. I know. Exhausting, right? But you see I’m passionate about my wife. I would do anything, because I’m passionate.

The funny thing is that many of us would say we are passionate about Jesus, but we don’t make time to research, study, and learn what is out there about Him. We make excuses: We say, “there is not enough time”, but we watched a Netflix marathon of our favorite show last Saturday; we say “I go to church, I listen to sermons online… [etc]”, but we never study on our own.

I’m not trying to guilt anyone, if anything I’m writing out my own faults. I’m just saying that probably most of us could use a reality check of what we are passionate about.

“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”
– Psalm 119:11 (ESV)

Mark talked about Jesus in the wilderness last Sunday and the verse above sums up his point entirely. Jesus said with his rebuttal to each temptation, “it is written.” Jesus knew God’s Word, because he was passionate about His Father. He had studied and lived it out, so that when he was tempted to sin, he had God’s Word in His heart to keep Him from sinning.

Below you will find the video that Mark shared last week of a guy who seemed so passionate about scripture that I had to share it in my post this week. Just listening to the imagery he uses made me think about Scripture in new ways. (It probably did help he used a musical metaphor.)

Richard Jacobs
Worship Pastor

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