We Like New…Be EXCITED!

In Christ, we are a new creation. Try to take your mind to where it was yesterday after reading Mark’s blog and contemplating what being new feels like. I don’t know about you, but I have more than my share of mistakes that would wait to keep me down and keep me from experiencing the newness of anything. But Christ conquered sin. He conquered death. That stuff’s got nothing on me anymore!

Think of the things we get excited about. When Michael Palardy booted that field goal that sealed the win for the Vols over #11 South Carolina last season, the dancing that Brayden and I did in our living room was beyond ridiculous. When Brayden found his spot on the bat and got some good hits during his first season of baseball this year, I proudly cheered him on. When our students consciously take actions with others where His love pours out from them, they don’t know but I am ecstatic inside. So many things get our adrenaline going. But how much more exciting is it when we ponder the newness that He brings when His children decide to follow Him. Now THAT’s something to be excited about!

Think of if this way. We like new stuff: new cars, new houses, the newest iPhone or Android device, whatever. If the newness of those things captivates us so, stop for a minute and try to think…. how much more exciting is it BE a new PERSON? It’s a tad different than the “new you” that we try to achieve in the gym, but it’s so much better. THAT is something to get EXCITED about!

Try this for a visual. Team USA played Ghana in the World Cup last night. They score first and things are great because they’re up, and then Ghana scores to bring them back down to earth a little. Things aren’t bad because we’re not losing, but they’re no longer awesome because we’re not winning. We’re just trying to keep things even. Then USA puts the game winner in, and NOW we have new life! (as you probably know, 2-1 ended up being the final)

We like new don’t we? Rejoice and be happy over it always!

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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