Truth Matters

I shared this with our students a couple of weeks ago, but the importance of the message is one that believers of all ages should keep close as we seek to walk daily with Christ.

There is a growing trend in the church today, particularly with Millenials, to put the truth of the Word aside in an attempt to show love to their neighbors and to other peoples of the earth. “We just need to love like Jesus loved,” they say. Well I certainly don’t dispute that that needs to happen, the problem with this trend is that many of these believers are leaving their Bibles on the shelves in an attempt to “love like Jesus,” to not be judgmental, and to not offend those they may hope to love on in the name of Jesus. Brothers and sisters, the Gospel of Jesus Christ IS offensive to those who oppose Him. We absolutely must love those with whom we differ and especially those who would say they either oppose or do not believe in the Creator of the Universe; however, we are not loving them the way we should if we hide the truth of God’s Word on our bookshelves. The love that God would have us to hold dear and to allow to overflow to others is wrapped up in the truth of the Word of God, and the Word itself is that love of God. The point I’m trying to make is… you cannot have love without truth, and the Truth is not truth if devoid of love.

I’ll wrap this up with some really awesome news. There too is a movement in the church today, also particularly with Millenials, of a generation that does not want to play games, that wants no part of the lack of authenticity that unfortunately has plagued Western Christianity for decades, and that hungers for the truth of the Word of God so that it knows how to love others the way that Jesus intended. May we hunger as well and have a steady diet of Scripture, and let us be ready to walk with this generation of young believers to make much of Jesus to the world. To abide in the command of Christ to carry out the Great Commission, with love and in truth.

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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