True Community

Growing up in a traditional Southern Baptist church like I did I learned the importance of church attendance. My parents very clearly made it known that if there was a service being held at our church, and no one was ill, we were going. My brother and I didn’t fight them on this as it was so embedded into our routines. When I was a teen I tried to bend the rules a little (faking sick, something I’m not proud of, haha) but ultimately I would drive myself to service once I was of age. Throughout my life I carried an importance in my mind of attending all church services as well as being involved in areas of ministry that interested me.

Why am I even bringing this up? To me attending church is vital. It not only gives me a chance to worship my Lord and Savior with an amazing worship team, it isn’t just about putting my kids in a loving and Christ-centered environment, and it definitely isn’t about punching my occasional “Christian duty” ticket. Attending at Journey and being involved in ministries Journey offers is about so much more for me. It draws me closer to God in many ways. One of those ways is allowing me the opportunity to be around others who also love The Lord.

God never intended for us to travel life alone. He wants us to be with others. The others He wants us to be with, however, as Scott mentioned in his blog yesterday are the ones who will lift us up and encourage us. I have met and started so many wonderful relationships with people at Journey. These are people I spend time with outside of Sunday morning. Also, these are people I text regularly and keep in touch with. I value these friendships dearly. I find encouragement, praying warriors, endless laughs, needed hugs, and words of advice in these relationships. All of this I have gotten from the community of Journey Church. I would never have gotten this, nor continue to receive it, if I hadn’t made it a priority to be at services.

We are meant for so much more than what this world offers us. When we truly turn our lives over to God’s ultimate plan He blesses us in countless ways. I encourage you to attend Journey services and get involved in the various ministries Journey offers if you aren’t already. The blessings in doing so will make the weekly woes so much better. Plus, if the desire is to sleep in on Sunday morning and that is why you skip some here’s a little secret. Sunday afternoon naps are juuuuuust as amazing. 😉

Stephanie Henderson
Student Pastor

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