The Power of Influence

Over a year ago I taught a lesson to our youth about a dream I had. It wasn’t planned days in advance. It came about the day of. The dream had happened that night and weighed heavy enough on my mind that I shared it with our teens. I had only one question to ask them.

If you knew you were to die tomorrow and you only had today left what would you do?

I expanded it further by adding…once you died, do you know where you would be?

It was a small crowd that night but it paved the way to one of our youth coming to The Lord. Fast forward to today, to this week, where I am one of five overseeing our youth as they experience Centrifuge. You never know what to expect during weeks like this. You hope for the best…no injuries, no missing youth, kids on fire for God…the usual, really. What you don’t expect is to hear that teen your lesson hit home with a year ago has led two of his peers to Christ.


Working with teens I never know if they really listen to a thing I say. They look in my direction but are they really listening or in some far off land? To know they listen is rewarding. To see them share their testimony with two others is a blessing.

I don’t see myself as influential. I do see myself as blessed. Thank you, God, for pulling me and David out of our comfort zone two years ago to work with these young people.

Join me in praying for these two new brothers in Christ, please. And please pray for the teen that influenced them. Welcome to the family, guys!!

Stephanie Henderson
Student Pastor

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