The Power of a Group (and how you can get involved)


Some of our best moments in ministry have been involved with leading and participating in small groups. Over the years we have shared our struggles and celebrated our joys with each other, while occasionally shedding tears as we walk through this life…together.


It is together that we often discover the presence of God in our midst.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” – Matthew 18:20 (ESV)

Together we challenge each other to become more than we are instead of simply drifting into a sedentary life.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

Together we carry each other’s burdens and remind each other of our calling, the faithfulness of our God, and that we are not supposed to do this life alone.

Together we test our knowledge and application of scripture, pray for each other’s struggles and weaknesses, and together we struggle through the difficult steps of following Jesus in a world that is not supportive of that goal.

Together we raise our kids and together we learn to be better friends, better spouses, better parents, and better children.

It is together that Jesus said we would demonstrate some of the best parts of the gospel and it is together that we will spend all of eternity with our God.

In fact, I can’t imagine how we can get through this life without togetherness.
This is the power of a group and if you are a follower of Jesus, this may be what you are missing.

In a few short weeks, groups will begin at Journey for the fall and I want every one of you to be part of one. It will take some time and you will likely have to DVR your favorite show from time to time, but there is nothing in this world that can replace the body of Christ spending time together, eating together, and helping each other grow together.

If you have been in groups before, this is not something new for you and I hope you will continue to join in. In fact, we are in need of leaders and hosts to facilitate life changing groups for everyone that wants to do life together.

So if you are in, here are some ways to get involved.

1. Sign up to be in a small group this weekend. Don’t wait, don’t see how things go, just sign up and take the plunge. If you can’t be there this weekend, you can email

2. Become a host. Hosts provide a space for groups to experience togetherness. Most of our groups meet in homes. If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting, all you need to do is have your home ready for guests. You don’t have to lead or teach, just provide a comfortable place for your group.

3. Become a leader. Leaders are the lifeblood of our groups. People can gather anywhere, but leaders help facilitate groups to reach a purpose…a destination. If you are interested or have experience in leading a group, I really want to talk to you. Some leaders lead every week while others co-lead for a predetermined amount of time. Co-leading is a great way to get your feet wet and not have to be prepared each time your group meets.

As with anything that involves others, it can be a little scary to jump in with a group of people that you don’t know, but the best things in life required a “jump”.

If you have any questions, I want to talk with you. If you are interested in getting involved, let me know. Whatever you do, don’t miss the power of a group.

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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