The ONE question.


We kicked off a new series last weekend that is meant to be an interactive discovery of the first 11 chapters of Genesis. If you didn’t get a chance to be a part of that service, you can listen to the sermon here…

If you dig into the history of these chapters AT ALL, you will find a number of different opinions on how to interpret them. Some view this text very literally. Others view it very symbolically. As I shared on Sunday, I am really Ok with either option. Neither make or break my faith or understanding of who God is or how important His word is, whether we are talking about scripture or Jesus, himself.

Anytime I am uncertain about something God has SAID or something He has DONE, there is ONE question that puts it all in perspective for me.

Do I believe that God is sovereign?

This is THE question because in it lies the answer to so many other questions.

Is God real? Does God know what is going on in my life/world/job/relationship? Why does God let bad things happen? Why does God let bad things happen to ME?

I believe that God is sovereign and I am not. This is the MOST foundational statement of faith that any person must have to truly follow Christ. We have to give God His position and stay firmly planted in our own. And if the truth be told…sometimes I don’t like it one bit.

Part of taking up our cross and following Jesus every day is the daily process of dying to our own need to determine what is right and wrong, good and bad, in my/our best interest or not because at our core WE want to be sovereign, too.

If God created the world in six 24 hour periods, great.
If God created the world in six (undefined) periods, great.
God is still God and I am not.
He gets to do what He wants and I get to walk with Him while He does it.

To be honest, it’s not just His sovereignty, though. An evil dictator does not earn my devotion just because he has more power than I do. God has encouraged my devotion because He chose to love me/us and He did not have to. He gave his Son to die for me and you and He didn’t have to.

In all of God’s sovereignty, He has chosen us and that moves me to want to choose Him.

No matter what you see, settle the question of sovereignty and much of your anxiety will begin to dissipate as you continue to trust in God’s goodness and God’s power.

Pastor Mark

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