The Gospel


Over the last 13 weeks, we have been exploring choices…disciplines…rhythms that have been passed down generation after generation for thousands of years that point us not only to God but to each other and in the direction of returning to the people that we were created to be. I hope you have found these helpful and are beginning to practice some that may be new to you. If you need a refresher, just check out our podcast or the Online Sermons portion of our website.

This weekend we are embarking on a new journey that starts back at the beginning…The Gospel. We spent some time talking about this a few weeks ago but I want to begin this new chapter in our church’s life by really examining this good news that we gather around each week.

We discovered that while Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection are critical components of the Gospel, it isn’t the whole message. They are components of a bigger “peace” (pun intended) of the puzzle. There is a spoken portion of the gospel that is to be shared but there is also so much more.

Join us as we confront some of the failings of the church in recent years as well as a re-imagining of this good news that God has been sharing with us for over 2,000 years. It’s meant to be lived. It’s meant to be shared. It’s meant to change us, forever.

Along the way we are also going to touch on a rarely preached passage that talks about the gospel bringing heaven (and hell) to earth by the way we live it out. It’s a stark departure from many of our modern teachings on the subject but well known by Jesus’s early followers.

We’re charting a course and it all starts with this most important of all messages that we will ever encounter.

Join us for “The Gospel” starting this Sunday, October 31st and dont’ forget to bring a friend!

Pastor Mark

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