The Gods Conspiracy Week 4 Intro


There has been a conspiracy from the beginning of time in which the full cost of it’s deception are being seen in our world, our nations, our churches, and in our families are only now being seen. 

It has been so successful that we are seeing the decline of nations, churches, and individuals.  Businesses are failing, innovation and manufacturing are declining, marriages are ending, relationships are becoming more shallow and an entire generation is about to experience a test like no other generation before it.

This conspiracy has changed the way we think about God, ourselves, our friends, and our resources.  It is so successful that it may single handedly distract entire generations from the gospel.

It’s greatest success? Quietly changing the way we understand the lives that we were created for and the nature of our creator.

Occupy Wall Street, the global economic meltdown, the Sandusky cover up, the rise in joblessness, the decline of marriage, the dramatic decline of our environment, and the closing of churches are just some of the results of this highly effective conspiracy.  And the truth is, every single one of us is victim to it with little chance of escaping it.

This has to change.  It can change. But it will require an intervention of supernatural proportions.

Want to know what it is and how Jesus said we could break free? Be at Journey tomorrow, Nov. 13th, at 10:30!

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