Thankful for the Body


It’s probably somewhat expected for you to be reading a piece that relates to thankfulness given that we’re celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday this week. You’ll get some of that, but I hope that I give you a little something to think about that you may not fully get yet (but I do hope that you will!).

Quickly, I do want to say how thankful I am for all of our students and their parents who support what they’re doing in student ministry at Journey. We have some amazing young people in this ministry, which I’m sure you probably know from seeing them around on Sundays, and I’m everyday grateful that God has allowed Steph and me to be involved in their lives. I am also VERY grateful for the other leaders whom are serving these kids and their families with us. Student ministry will not work without a group (not just a couple) of adults whom are willing to make sacrifices to get around students and invest in them. Leslie, Amy, Herman, Janet and Tyler… you guys are awesome, and I love you all!

Now to shift gears slightly, I want to tell you how thankful I am for our church at Journey. I could turn this blog into a book to fully turn that statement into details, but I’ll just say for the sake of space and time, I have been and am in the one place where I’ve been encouraged to grow in my walk of faith, in my acts of service, my development of my theology, and my authentic connection to the body of Christ that I believe looks the way He intended. I really feel that if more and more people experienced this and totally submitted their lives to the Lord to see how they would grow in these areas, we would have the church being the Church that America desperately needs it to be. Up until seven years ago when I attended Fuge camp with our former church, I had zero plans of being a Youth pastor at any point in my life. I just didn’t think it was the plan for me. How amazing it is to cast that kind of thought aside to see what God will do! Want a couple more? Up until two years ago, I never saw myself giving a Sunday morning sermon. And up until about four weeks ago, I never (and I mean NEVER) thought I would serve with a worship band by playing guitar on a Sunday morning. I’ve had the privilege of playing with our team at Journey three times so far. And the really cool thing there is that it is straight up a place where I really can’t do anything but grow. But it’s kinda beautiful in that way too (if you’re piecing all of this together). To be in a place of leading one of our ministries, and to simultaneously be in a completely different one where I am heavily depending upon the seasoned band peeps (including my amazing and talented bride) and their guidance; that notion of “teach and be taught” is certainly in play there, and I’m actually very grateful to be in both places.

Where do you find yourself? Wherever that may be, I do hope that you will experience just how amazing God is in the work that He is doing at Journey Church. Mark was spot on in what he shared about being a pastor and how the wealth of recognition should be shared with the people of the church who ultimately help to make things happen.

I do hope you’ll find your place with Journey, and that soon after you will be able to see exactly what God is up to. With Journey, and with you.

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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