Set list for Sunday 7/1/12

Hey everyone! Well we are starting a new series called Flannelgraph this weekend – I know not technically new we’ve done the series before but we’ll be covering different bible stories this weekend. 
That said, this series musical style will be quite a divergence from the usual Journey stylings… Usually we theme out songs to back up the message each week but for this series we are theming out the style.
During this series you’ll hear Bible stories you would have heard traditionally in a Sunday school classroom in ways that might have been glazed over. So with that in mind we will be leading in a very traditional campfire-ish (I know spellcheck told me it was wrong as well) method: Acoustic worship with a lot of traditional songs but some in ways you may have not heard them. 
Well here’s the set for this week. Enjoy.
Richard Jacobs
Jesus Paid It All – Kristian Stanfill

Lead Me to the Cross – Hillsong

In Christ Alone – Bethany Dillon & Matt Hammitt

I Have Decided – Starfield

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