Preparing for Easter

Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, is sometimes called Silent Saturday. For the disciples who had walked with Jesus and watched Him be buried, it was a day of uncertainty and…silence.

Jesus was no longer speaking to them. The absence of His presence was felt.
His body had been prepared and laid in a borrowed tomb with no life left in it. He was as alive as the massive stone that covered the entrance.

It’s hard for us to understand what this would have been like. After all, we know the rest of the story.

Followers of Jesus enjoy the presence of God every single day…but can you imagine if He fell silent in your life?

They didn’t know what was coming, but we do! Let me encourage you to prepare yourself for the celebration of His resurrection in 3 ways, today.

1. Read Matthew 27:45–66. It is the account of the death of Jesus, the burial of Jesus, and the Chief Priests and Pharisees attempts to make sure that Jesus didn’t fulfill His promise to return.

2. Spend some time quietly valuing the presence of God in your life. Spend time in prayer…confession…and remembrance. Imagine what life would be like if Jesus was still in the tomb and God was no where to be found. Thank Him for His love and for being with us.

3. Invite someone to come to church with you tomorrow at 10:30. There’s probably someone that you have been thinking of but just haven’t made the call. Make that call, today and then invite them to lunch after worship to talk about what they just witnessed.

Most of all, remember that Easter is the most significant event in all of history, save creation, and there will not be a more supernatural or significant event again until His return. The weight of this moment is extraordinary. Let’s not let it pass as just another day.

See you tomorrow!

Pastor Mark

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