Power In Words

So many times I find myself in disbelief at what is going on in the world around me. The news no longer seems worthwhile when it holds stories that are heartbreaking, earthshaking, or frustrating. But then there are lights that shine through the dreary. Like, for instance, watching my daughter as she cruises around the furniture babbling happily. Or hearing my youngest son snicker when he thinks something is funny. And, also, hearing my oldest son eagerly knock on the door in the early morning because he “wants to give me a hug.” It’s little things like this that remind me to look towards the good. It’s also these things, and these little people, that remind me to be constantly in communication with God.

In our small group we have been encouraging each other to be specific in what we ask God for in prayer. To not hide what we want to ask of Him or what we want to tell Him. Yeah, sure, He already knows but He also wants us to talk to Him the way we talk to others we are in relationships with. Are you scared? Tell Him. Are you worried? Share it. Did something happen that sucks? Believe it or not, He wants to hear that too. It is easy to forget that the One who created the world wants to hear the same things that our best friends, parents, significant other, or other important people in our lives want to hear. And when I’m struggling to make sense of why there is so much difficulty in our world, I know I can talk to my Lord about it. Not that I am demanding that He fix it all, but because I want to share my thoughts with the One who gets it and loves me no matter how it comes out.

Being a mom of three, I now find myself in communication with God over them and their future continuously. There is so much of the unknown that I’m dependent on God to help me through. I am also finding that my communication with my oldest son is leaning towards encouragement and praise as I work to keep helping him navigate through some of the difficulties he has struggled with. When you sit back and think, really think, about the power of your words it helps you form conversations better. I know if I just relax and talk to God with my heart open that He hears me. I know He hears, as well, when I dance around the subject, but that never feels enough and never feels right. I want to tell Him the good, the bad, and the ugly. I find that when I do, it helps me to communicate better with others. It also opens my eyes to what I need to be saying instead, just like I’ve realized with my son.

I will likely still be in disbelief in things I read about in the news. I will also still marvel at the little things my precious gifts from God do on a daily basis. And when these things happen I will make sure to talk to God. To thank Him. To give Him the views of my heart. To tell Him what and why it hurts. He knows…but He wants to hear it from me too. Being open with God about what you’re going through and how you feel is more helpful than you know. Use your words. Tell Him how you feel. And, while you’re at it, make sure you say something uplifting to someone important in your life. It will always, always, feel good.

Stephanie Henderson
Student Pastor

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