Perception #9 – Identifying the Thief


I’m a parent and a pastor. I sometimes react to situations based on one or the other part of my personality. Last week, I encountered an event that affected me as both a dad and a pastor. One of my kids and I were buying some groceries on a rare “junk food” run. As we waited for our turn to pay for our buggy full of processed foods, a young teenager put her items on the conveyor belt. One of those items was a pregnancy test.

Our culture has taught her that sex is not only normal, but cool…even expected for someone of her age. She likely has fewer friends that have never had a sexual experience with another person than friends that have. What seemed so healthy, normal, and exciting now had quite possibly led to a change in her life forever. Our culture has given her an option if she is pregnant even though it goes against everything I believe in. Regardless, if the test is positive, she will have to choose a course of action that will change her life and limit the dreams she probably has for her future.

Yesterday, Scott taught a great sermon on the tale of 3 thieves. I’m often reminded that our enemy is the worst kind of thief.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. – John 10:10a (ESV)

This thief has been influencing the world since the beginning of the universe as we know it. He’s helped to shape this culture that doesn’t lead to health, hope, and a relationship with God…it leads to loss, hopelessness, and destruction. Sometimes, the best way to be prepared for a spiritual battle in your life is to know your enemy and the tricks he uses to wreck your life.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. – John 10:10b (ESV)

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