Now What?

“Now What?”

It’s a phrase that can mean so many different things. I remember saying this out of frustration when our kids were very young. Within the span of about 3 weeks, we had some fairly severe health scares with our 2 oldest children. Emma was just a baby, Jake was a toddler, and Deidra and I still were trying to get the hang of this parenting thing.

To make a long story short, at the height of uncertainty, Emma was rushed to the hospital because she would “forget” to breath. A friend of ours in the medical field noticed it first and within hours, Emma was hooked up to all kinds of equipment and an oxygen line.

My “Now What?” literally meant…”what could possibly go wrong next?”

Over the past few weeks we’ve experienced a different kind of question. Walking through John’s vision as recorded in Revelation can be a harrowing experience. With images like the moon turning blood red, seas becoming like blood, all creatures in the sea dying, and incredible acts by the AntiChrist, we can be left with a “Now what are we supposed to do?” kind of question and lifestyle.

Are we supposed to follow the examples those who hoard food, carry “The End is Near” signs on street corners, and live as if today is their last day on earth? If you ask me, that is no way to live at all.

This weekend we are going to be focusing on “what are we to do now?” If we are intentional about following the teachings of Jesus, there are many clues to living them out until He returns.

After worship, we are also going to serve lunch to those who want to learn some practical ways we can do that now through a missions ministry we call Impact.

In the coming weeks, I hope our “Now What?” will be focused on where God is taking us and how He wants to use us. You will be seeing a few new things happening at Journey, as well, including a new look and feel to some of the tools we use to communicate with. This is an incredible journey and I am thankful that the news of Jesus’ return can give us peace and hope that death, pain, and suffering do not have to exist forever.

Come Lord Jesus, Come.

Until then, let us be your representatives in a world that desperately needs you.

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