Nothing Greater – Anselm of Canterbury

… we believe that thou art a being than which nothing greater can be conceived.

Anselm of Canterbury is the author of one of the most intriguing logical arguments for the existence of God. It has become, what many call, “The Ontological Argument” and it is one of my favorite ways to imagine who God is.

Think on it for just a moment…
…a being than which nothing greater CAN BE CONCEIVED…
Nothing greater…nothing.

I don’t know about you, but I can conceive of some pretty awesome things. If I need a day to rejuvenate, I will intentionally get away somewhere that I can just daydream. I daydream about projects I’m working on.
Daydream about where I’d like to be in 20 years…
Daydream about new ideas for Journey…
…just about anything, really.

That ability is built into each one of us because we were built in the image of a being that is greater than we can imagine!

Do yourself a favor and take some time to ponder a God who is greater than we can imagine. What is the very best you can imagine? God is greater.

How great can a poet or a songwriter or an artist imagine about God? What does He look like? Who is He really?
God is so much greater than that.

When you are doubtful, God is greater.
When you are sad, God is greater.
Whey you believe you are awesome (in your own mind), God is greater!
When you think you have God nailed…God is greater.

Who is God to you and if He really is greater than we can possibly imagine, how will you respond to Him?

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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