NEXT! Because There is ALWAYS a Next


God is constantly and consistently calling you into deeper understandings and levels of intimacy with him.
It never ends.
He is never willing to leave you where He found you.

We often live our lives as if we will reach a destination, a final point where we can stop and enjoy the life that we’ve built for ourselves.
But it constantly eludes us.

Over the next few weeks at Journey, we are going to explore what it means to have a NEXT!
Your NEXT!
Our NEXT!, together.

We will be asking you to dream about possible futures and ways in which we can not only know God, but to walk with Him, to understand Him, and accept the NEXT! that He is beckoning us towards.

It may not be comfortable. In fact, it usually isn’t.
Something about our nature longs for predictable,
the mundane,
the familiar.

When you choose to seek out your NEXT!, you will be uncertain and maybe even fearful, but you can be confident that Jesus is there…with His hand out…waiting to take yours…inviting you on the journey of a lifetime.

Will you consider your, our NEXT!?
Because there is ALWAYS a next.

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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