Messy Love: When loving others isn’t easy


When we read the Bible, we are constantly taught to love others, even when they are hard to love.

Jesus goes so far as to say we should even love our enemies, which really doesn’t leave very many people out of this calling.

We can certainly look to God’s love for us and should as we try to tackle loving people that are, quite frankly, not that easy for us to love in and of ourselves, but how do we tackle the truly difficult cases?

It’s easy to love those that are like us and say nice things about us. Loving them seems effortless.

Loving our families and friends really doesn’t seem that challenging, either…most of the time. But in reality, we do often struggle with feeling love even towards them.

We’ve been talking about living our lives “For the Love” for the last month. Throughout May, we will be concentrating on how to love in specific situations.
Extended family…
That weird guy down the street…

It all can get really…well…messy.

Join us this weekend as we talk about Parenting while celebrating our moms. If you have someone in mind that you find hard to love…this may just help!

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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