Man of God

It’s your friend, the 5:45am alarm. The urge to stay in bed for nine more minutes is great, but you’ve gotta win the early battles if you want to own the day. Your bride has likely had another restless night and she needs your help today. Get up and get going, Man of God. Now.

Man of God, it’s time to sit down and spend a little time with Him this morning. Enjoy that cup of coffee, and let the Word wash over you at the same time. Be sure to thank Him for the chance to be in this day, another day, and mention those important people He’s placed in your life (or in whose lives He’s place you). Consistency is key. Come back the same time tomorrow.

Now, Man of God, get yourself ready for the morning grind and go get those kids up and ready for school. You’re going to feel rushed to be on time, and they will probably drag their feet this morning and test you… again. Don’t squander your opportunity with them around the breakfast table this morning, nor on the car ride to school. Speak life into them. Encourage them. And above all, make sure they know you love them and that they make you proud (even if you did just fight with them about brushing their teeth long enough or about taking that toy with them that you know will be a distraction). Suck it up bro… you’re the adult, and you set the tone. Your bride can probably handle her stuff in the morning just fine, but make sure you check up on her too and that she knows she can count on you today. That sleepless night for her may cause you to have step up later today. Be ready.

Time for the work day to commence, Man of God. Do your job well. Work smart, but don’t cut corners, and don’t do the least amount necessary. Be the salt and light in the workplace too, and be an example for your colleagues and your customers. God’s children should be model employees because they know they’re serving Him in even the most mundane of their daily assignments. Be sure not to overlook the opportunities to be a solid witness to Jesus, even if your work environment doesn’t seem to be overly accepting of your relationship with Him.

Most of the day is over now, Man of God. But your time around the dinner table with your wife and kids can be very impactful on your household if you use it wisely. Eat together at the table. Have conversations, take advantage of teaching moments, and be sure to give the younger participants talk time and your listening ear. Also, make sure your bride knows that she’s your equal partner in this. She is likely the one who created the atmosphere, so make sure you teach appreciation of her by the way you appreciate her (I didn’t say this about other parts of the day, but do make sure the dinner table isn’t the only place this happens). At this point you may have some homework to wrap up, baths for the kids to take, or early prep to make sure tomorrow starts well, but be present in these moments. You may have to balance some things you need to get done with being available for family hang time, but make sure that it’s a balance and that the latter in particular is not lacking. You’ll always have stuff you need to get done; those moments with the fam won’t be there forever. Don’t forget that, Man of God.

Time to wind it down. As you put the kids to bed, make sure they remember the good of the day, and remind them that tomorrow is a new day for new things and new adventures. Also, Man of God, make sure you spend some time with your lady before you guys call it a night. Sometimes she’ll want or need to do her own thing, and that’s okay (you’re welcome, my introverted friends). But, make sure she knows you were glad to start the day by her side and to end it on the same note before you fall off to sleep. And, whether it’s earlier in the day or now in its waning moments, make sure that the two of you commune with the Lord in prayer together. It makes all the difference in the world and it will in your marriage.

If you’re like me, you may have a little time left before you call it a day. Definitely recharge with one or two of the [good] things allow that to happen for you, but do get some rest tonight, Man of God. Tomorrow is a new day, but you will be called into action as a husband, father, employee, and Child of the King all over again. It’s not always easy, and it can be exhausting (probably more exhausting than what you lead on), but it’s what you were made to do. So, do it.

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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