Let God Speak…


This week our family has been spending time at the beach for Fall Break. Our little week away has been good in many areas, but it has also brought about some stressful moments. But what trip doesn’t? As I thought over what to share with everyone I decided to do a little Internet search on our current sermon series God Speaks. I ran across this poem and am now sharing it with you. I hope this makes you stop and think about those moments when you need to stop because you know exactly what to do…let God speak.

Each day I remember God
Only if I have some need
Always complaining and blaming Him
Every time I don’t succeed.

One day I was blaming God
For all that He gave me not
I felt God talking to me
And here’s the answer I got…..

Who gives the air and water
which you take for free?
Who is giving you the lovely food
whenever you feel hungry?

Who gave you this healthy body
and maintains it intact?
Who gives you mind and intelligence
to think before you act?

Who is behind all good things
which make you smile?
Who is always there to help you
just think for a while…

I care for you every moment
as you are My own part
But you keep forgetting Me
though I sit in your heart..

Did you ever thank Me for
all that I am giving you?
With this God stopped talking
and I knew what to do…

Stephanie Henderson
Student Pastor

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