Legacy: What Are You Leaving?


My bedtime routine with Jaxson, the younger of our two boys, involves him lying on my chest usually to the point of falling asleep, prior to my putting him into his bed for the night. There are often times that I allow him to lay on me past the point of his succumbing to slumber, just so that he and I can share that time for a little bit longer. I don’t know how much longer this will last, but I do know that I will miss it when it ends.

My writing to share with you this week is short (very atypical of me, I know) in order to keep the message simple. Men, listen up as you read this. We work, because as husbands and fathers, we should work. We provide for our families, teach our children what work ethic is about, and have the opportunity to witness and to minister while in the workplace. We neglect the opportunity to do all of these if we do not do our jobs and do them well. We also have things we enjoy doing and times that we like to get out with other guys to do some of these things. Be continuously mindful though of the responsibility that The Lord has given you. Love your wives, as Christ loves the Church. With regard to your children, love them, and make it a point to spend time with them. Our provisions for them (through His provisions for us) are very important for their well-being. That is one thing that has to happen. Consider though the ways that you hope your children will imitate you (because we all know they are watching closely).

The timeless truth of the life and teachings of Jesus, and of His apostles after Him, point to Jesus’ message to us: “Love, as I have loved you.” Men, no matter how you portray it, your message is still going to be, “Love, as I have loved you.”

What legacy of love are you leaving?

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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