Journey’s First Youth Service

Student Ministry

This Sunday at Journey members of the youth group will be taking over service. We have teens who are going to sing, play music, give testimony, and so much more. This is a great time to show these young people your support as they step out and serve by being in attendance this Sunday.

I have always been so proud to see our teens serving in some capacity or another on Sunday mornings. It makes me so happy to see our students not only serve but attend other services outside of Awaken on Wednesday nights. Journey, believe me when I say this, is a great group of students that David, myself, and the other leaders get to work with on a weekly basis. They have a heart to serve, a heart to learn, and a heart for Jesus.

When I started serving for the first time in ministry I always gravitated towards children’s ministry. It just seemed a likely choice for me and, in my head, the best place for me to fit. And while I did enjoy serving in nursery, helping with a children’s ministry program, and even leading a children’s drama ministry nothing spoke to me more than working with students.

David and I stepped away from a thriving children’s ministry program that we led to volunteer in the youth department at our old church. It was a hard decision at the time. We had grown a great team who worked well together and saw children come to know Christ. And while I am sure God was preparing us for leading students, I never saw us being where we are today. David and I have business degrees! We did not go to school for ministry. However, as God has proven time and time again in the Bible He will use those He sees as qualified, not those we feel are.

David and I have been incredibly blessed by working with the students and student leaders of Journey Church. Both of us look forward to leading Awaken every single Wednesday and have so much planned for this ministry in the future. We also believe, wholeheartedly, that this generation is eager for and willing to learn the Gospel. And as adults we must be an example this generation should follow. But, sometimes, this generation shows us a thing or two about loving the way God instructs us to love. Don’t believe me? Spend some time with us on Wednesday nights and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

I hope you will join us this Sunday for Youth Sunday. The students have been working hard to prepare and some nerves are present. Your presence, and encouragement, will be a great power to these students that they are doing the Lord’s work.

And if you are ever interested in joining us for Awaken on Wednesdays, or at a youth event outside of church, please do. We would not only love to have an even bigger group of adults to come alongside us and serve these teens but we know the teens would love to get to know you too. God is doing great things Journey. Will you be a part of it?

Stephanie Henderson
Student Pastor

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