Jesus Is ________.

Jesus is ________.

How would you fill in the blank?


For some the name of Jesus is inspirational, life changing, and eternal.
For others, though…they would answer differently.
For them, Jesus is…

A Lunatic.
A Mad man.

He can’t be both so who is He to you?
The most difficult question you will answer in your life is the this simple one…

Jesus Is ________.

It this Jesus?


What about this?


How about this?


This Easter we are going to be grappling with this one question by looking at several stories about Him.

Our quest?
To better understand “Who Jesus Is.”

We hope you will not just join us for this 4 part series, but that you will bring someone else with you that may be grappling with this same question.

Who do you say that He is?

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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