Is God in the Sunrise?


Like most mornings, Jonathan and I are busting out of the house trying to get him to school on time. This morning, as we drove up the hill in front of our house, I couldn’t help but notice the clouds were not only an interesting shape, they were just showing the first colors poking through as the Sun started it’s ascent in our part of the world for the day.

This morning, a deep purple was slowly overtaking the gray clouds that almost looked like a soft quilt covering the entire sky. A few minutes later and those deep purples gave way to an array of oranges and yellow. Just before rising high enough for the sky to take on it’s customary blues, a pale yellow gave way to an orangish-peach (is that even a color?) that would continue to morph into more colors.

Whenever I take the time to marvel at the landscape that is birthed anew each morning, I can’t help but see God in it all.

How much does he orchestrate the comings and goings of the seasons, the changing days and the colors in the sky and on the earth? Does he decide his color palette on the spur of the moment or is everything put into such perfect motion that He just sits back and marvels at His creation, too?

Is God in the sunrise? I think so…in some way or another. It reminds me that all of this beauty was once a void that He spoke and it came into being. It reminds me that the earth is placed in perfect symmetry with the moon, the sun and the rest of our planets to sustain life for thousands of years (at least that we know of).

The merging and melting colors reminds me that He is creative and loves beauty even more than we do.

It also reminds me that if God is able to put all of this into motion, how much more can He handle my day, my problems, my fears and my doubts.

For me, God is in every sunrise. I really can’t imagine what it must feel like to believe this was all just a happy accident. I can’t imagine looking up at the sky in the morning and thinking…wow, that was fortunate!

I choose to believe but when I look around at all that God has created, it’s not hard to see God in the sunrise, too.

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