When we travel, whether it be overseas or just across state lines, we often have to show proof to others that we are who we say we are. We have to show driver’s licenses, social security cards, and even passports as proof of identification—the info that says without a doubt, I am that guy described on that card and that’s where I live.

What about the journey that we’re on in life following after Christ? Do we have to reveal or prove our identity to anyone in this manner of travelling? I think most would say of course we’re supposed to assert that we are “Christians” in the various trials and circumstances that we face. Our attitudes and responses to different things should spell out clearly just who we are and to Whom we belong, but then that begs another question: who needs that reminder? (See where I’m going with this yet?)

First, a connection with Awaken. This week after several weeks of gathering info from the students and leaders and working diligently to make this idea a reality, Stephanie gave out CDs to the group last night containing an initial volume of songs that we as a group said, with varying reasons, speak to us or the message resonates with us. Let me now tell you that this was all Steph’s idea and labor, so big kudos to her for doing this for Awaken. I’ve spent some of my morning listening to these tracks and thinking about the kids/adults who suggested them. In listening to the lyrics, I think about the messages offered in the songs and how they connect with the common identity that each student and leader shares regardless of their beautiful and wonderful differences: we are all God’s children, and He is our Father. I listened to Stephanie’s contribution to the list this morning, “Beautiful Things” by Gungor, and the message is clear: we are His, and we MEAN SOMETHING.

Back to my previous question… as we continue daily along this journey, who would need to be told that we mean something? We do. Individually. Each and every day. We have to remind ourselves not only is the cost of chasing Christ worth it and the tiring efforts that Richard alluded to last week are worth it, but WE are worth it and we mean something to Him! We have our identity in Him! I struggle with this concept frequently because I cannot see how in my own sin I could possibly be worthy… of anything. But I have to remind myself, Jesus died for me. For ME. If He had it all to do all over again and only for me, I know He would do it because that’s how much He loves me! It is in such moments when I have to remind myself, my identity is in Him. I cannot lose sight of that, but I have to constantly remind myself of it.

Journey family, walk with Christ and know that your identity is in Him. Constantly remind yourselves of this and build each other up by reminding your brothers and sisters of it as well.

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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