Human Nature: Restoring the Image of God

Have you ever wondered what makes you…well, you?
Why do you follow the patterns that you do? Is it your upbringing? Your parents? Your environment? How about your DNA?

For thousands of years, humankind was certain that we were defined by our affiliations with others.
Our communities.
Our relationships.

It has been only recently (historically speaking) that we have struggled to understand who we were as individuals, apart from everyone else and apart from God.

It is literally the oldest temptation in the book. You can read more about a battle in heaven that was motivated by the needs of 1 angel who wanted to be worshiped above all in Revelation, chapter 12.
Lucifer needed to celebrate his individuality, and it cost all of creation, dearly.

To understand who we are and, more importantly, who we are meant to be, we need to have a better understanding of human nature.

It is assumed by scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and sociologists that the key to true happiness is unlocking this secret code of the individual self.

However, if we go back to the very beginning of the story, we will find that when God created man and woman, he created them differently than every thing else on the planet.

You were not just created to walk this world and be a slave to your desires, your DNA, your environment, or your upbringing. You were made to be the image of the Living God.

Join us for a new series that explores what it means to be restored to THAT image.

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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  • I appreciate your focus on this topic. It is one of the motivating factors of our ministry to survivors of human trafficking. The women we seek to serve are made in the image of God, which makes them intrinsically valuable, not for what they could be sold for, but for who they are. God wants to rescue them from the mental and emotional bars and restore them to wholeness as His special creation!


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