Get Off the Fence Already

“You’re not doing anybody any favors sitting on the fence. You determine which side you wanna be on and stay on it.”
– Coach Grant Taylor, Facing the Giants (played by actor Alex Kendrick)

I love this quote because it’s so straightforward and without coating of sugar. Sometimes it’s just time to put up or shut up. Sadly, it describes a large number of church goers within the American church. My fear is that, especially with what we know of Jesus’ words in Matthew 7, it’s the majority of American church goers. There are multiple reasons for this issue, and multiple people share in the responsibility for where we are as church congregations in our country. There are some very godly and doctrinally-sound preachers in our churches today, and there are several who really have no business in the pulpit at all. In addition, there are members of congregation who truly seek the face of God, actively engaging their faith and allowing the Spirit to make it come to life–a fierce flame that burns brightly and leaves no doubts of authenticity. The flip side of this coin is also true. There are also individuals whom are certainly a part of the congregation, but there is no sign whatsoever of the fruit of the Gospel present in their lives. Attendance with the church is merely attendance and nothing more, and for some it is mediocre at best in terms of frequency. Understand that one’s salvation does not hinge solely on church attendance; but understand too that a redeemed soul and a heart that has been radically changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ belong only to the man who desires to be with others like him (in that regard) and to invest in them and do life with them. Much fruit is to be observed of such a person!

Back to the movie quote. If we represent a part of the congregation as members of it, but we know that we’re holding off of getting all in with Jesus (for whatever reason), we are at best that man choosing to stay on the fence about Christ. We’re not doing anyone (including ourselves) any favors by staying on the fence. We’ve got to decide which side of the fence we want to be on and get on it (to be clear, that’s either where you’re all in with Christ, or the other side; there are no other options).

Which side have you determined to be on?


David Henderson
Student Pastor

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