It never ceases to amaze me the way that God shows His faithfulness to fulfill His promises.  The Bible tells the ultimate story of promise-keeping starting with Old Testament Scripture where God makes these crazy promises to redeem His people and restore them to Himself.  Then hundreds of years later, in His plan and on His time, He delivers through His one and only begotten, Jesus Christ.  That, friends, is more than enough.  God doesn’t owe us anything, and He doesn’t have to make and fulfill new promises to us, but He does just because He can.

I am reminded of these promises this summer in particular as I watch our students getting into the Word (and doing so together!) after encouraging [lots of encouraging] our students for probably two and half years to get into the Word.   Our experience at Fuge this year helped to fuel that fire, and I’m grateful for it.  It’s AMAZING to watch our students get all over it on YouVersion with their reading plans, and to watch students whom haven’t been all that involved over the past couple of years finally engage and add to the group what we’ve been missing without them.

I’m also reminded of these promises and the sheer sovereignty in which God exists and operates as I watch church friends welcome their first and second children into the world, see others awaiting the arrival of another, and wait eagerly to look upon the face of my own little girl as we wait eagerly for her arrival (and EEEEEEEEK!!! Yes, I am THAT excited!).  To think about the parenthood journey that God has had Steph and me on, calling us to adoption and our story with our boys and to now bless us with a child from Steph’s own womb.  ALL glory is His in this.  By the way I know how typical that story sounds, and everybody knows somebody who’s adopted and then gotten pregnant right?  Well, I can definitely tell you that God’s orchestration of our story has definitely given it a uniqueness that is only ours.  I just watched my 5-yr-old stuff a pillow in his shirt so he could feel pregnant and apparently loved his short-lived experience (that’s what’s going on in the photo), so I can say that.  Unique.

Wherever you’re at right now, let me encourage you.  Connect with God through His Word and prayer, and be acutely in tune with what He’s doing around you.  I think you’ll be amazed too and just how faithful He’ll show Himself to be.

David Hendersion
Student Pastor

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