Don’t Let Baggage Control Your Story


Sometimes we can change our story, but sometimes our story changes us.

In each of us, there is a sense that we are the masters of our destiny…that our choices are all our own and we will determine where our story takes us…and then…
…life happens.

The story of Joseph in the Old Testament is the story of broken people, bound by their baggage and ultimately coming close to being destroyed by their own choices.
It was a generational problem that loaded the insecurities of a father onto his sons which began a path that would change all of their lives.

There are choices that we make that will ultimately change the direction of our lives (and often, others’ lives as well).
We do have some control over how these change our story, but many times our baggage is so unseen and manipulative, that our stories are changed for us.

Join us for a 6 part series following the tumultuous lives of Joseph and his brothers as they wrestle with their own baggage and see how God is constantly at work, nonetheless.

No matter what baggage you carry, there is an answer in this story for you. You do have the opportunity to change your story, and with God, He may be using your current situation to change you through it.

As you prepare for this series, pray that God would show you the hidden motives of your heart and that He would give you the courage to face your own baggage with us.
See you Sunday!

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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