Contentment Despite Your Circumstances


Your contentment does not have to depend on your circumstances.
Read that again.
No really, let it sink in…

When is the last time that you truly felt content…
…that was not on a vacation?

Scripture often breaks the preconceived ideas that we have about life and the world.
For example…have you ever truly embraced the idea that it’s better to give than receive?
It’s true, and in so many ways!

Think about it. In relationships, your closest friends are probably those who offer more than they ask. Your relationship is built on mutual value and the desire to invest in someone else, and that feels good!

The more we offer (or give), we actually receive far more than we we ask (or receive).
And it doesn’t just work for relationships.
Giving to others in need often brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness for your life.

Similarly, our contentment does not HAVE to revolve around our circumstances.
In our study of Philippians, we have seen Paul being joyful, thankful, and hopeful despite his current circumstances in prison.

This weekend we are going to be hit square between our eyes about this as Paul closes out his letter to the church at Philippi with this very topic.

You can be content in all stages and struggles in life…
…if your contentment lies in the right place.

If you need everything to be “perfect”, you will not be content.
If you need to be financial affluent, you will not be content.
If you need to be the best person in the room, you will not be content.

The answer to living a contented life despite your circumstances, relies on your willingness to place your priorities in the hands of our creator, instead of our own circumstances.

What circumstances have control over your contentment that need to be released?

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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