Contemplating Prison & Captivity


I wake up and start many days wondering how many lies I’ll buy into during the day.
Without prayer, the number is exceptionally larger than it needs to be.

It’s scary how easy these deceptions declare headspace within my mind.

I start believing “things” like football, cars, and fancy meals are somehow necessities.

For me, the material goods get put on a tall pedestal. Edging God to an imaginary closet somewhere.

What does the quote on the next line mean to you?

The mind that is the prisoner of conventional ideas, and the will that is the captive of its own desire cannot accept the seeds of an unfamiliar truth and a supernatural desire.

Do you feel like you’re a prisoner in your current state?

Read it one more time, focusing on the words.

The word ‘cannot’ scares me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever want to be beyond reach. But, that’s just want happens when our minds and bodies operate on our own aimless quest of self-satisfaction. We can’t live our whole lives without looking up.

It spells d-e-a-t-h.

Real uplifting stuff, huh?

But if we do pause in our day and just rest for a second.


These seeds of truth can flow into our ears, our hearts. They can become familiar. They can take root and the Supernatural can actually dwell within us. Our desires can (and will) change.

We can be met by the Divine in our interior walls. Our whole self can be reshaped and our desires can change too. Isn’t that where you’d like to be? I know I do.

Brian Tucker
Author and Pro-Presenter Extraordinaire

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