Are you asking the right questions?

Throughout our lives, we spend a great amount of time asking – and attempting to answer – an endless stream of questions.

What do I want?
Where am I going?
What career should I pursue?
How much money should I make?
Who should I marry?
What should I do with my life?

However, I find that in different seasons of life, it is very easy to…well…get stuck.
We keep asking the same question but the answers we come up with don’t seem to get us moving.

Many will spend their entire lives trying to answer 1 question.
And it’s not necessarily a bad question.
In fact, it may be a great question and one that you may find a number of great answers…
But, if it is the wrong question, no answer will be sufficient to get you un-stuck.

It’s incredible how difficult changing the questions in your life can be.
We get stuck, convinced that the question on our minds is THE most pertinent and important question that could possibly be asked at this point in our lives.

But, what if it isn’t?
Then, what do you do?

Stop trying to solve the wrong question and start asking the right ones.

Even though it seems so simple, changing our perspective can be one of the hardest things we will ever do.
Once you realize this concept, you will constantly be adjusting your view and you will begin asking better questions.

But here’s the good news if you feel stuck…
That’s one of the most common times for anyone to be ripe for a new perspective…a new question.

Growing up is really just a series of asking better questions.
This is true for individual lives, organizations, and even churches.

I’m constantly learning to ask better questions in my life.
Deidra and I must learn to ask better questions in our marriage and parenting.

If you have been following this season at Journey with us, you know that we have been asking new questions as a church.

Wherever you are, know that you have the opportunity to ask better questions.
The Holy Spirit will prompt you and remind you that God is taking you somewhere, if you will follow Him.

Are you asking the right questions?

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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