Are you free?

Think about it…
Are you free?

You live in a “free” country (probably).
You probably aren’t reading this from within a prison cell.
You set your alarm last night, for the most part, at the time of your choosing.
You likely aren’t bound to your current employment.
You will decide what you eat and what you spend your free time on this evening.

But, are you free?

Are you free from the stress that goes along with living in the most consumeristically minded nation in the world?
Are you free from the bonds of unforgiveness since “that person” wronged you?
Are you free from the ravaging need for more?
Are you free from self doubt and insecurity?
How about love? Are you freely experiencing and expressing love?

My guess is that some of these questions struck a chord with you.
Perhaps we are not as free as we think we are?

Maybe our greatest question is this…”What exactly is the freedom that God is offering us?”

Join us for a new sermon series where we address what is on many of our minds…
What does it mean to be “free”?

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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