An Honest Prayer about Advent Conspiracy


This Christmas is the third year that we have challenged our friends at Journey to give less at Christmas and give the better gift of presence with family and friends instead.  This year we raised the challenge for each family to give at least $40 less in gifts and donate towards a well in India to provide clean water for 50-100 families.

Last week during our daughters nightly prayer time she asked this simple prayer…

“God, help me not to be sad that I am getting less for Christmas this year so we can help build a well in India.  I really want them to have clean water but I also want to have more Christmas presents so please help me not to be sad.”

I love that she is so honest and for a 9 year old, it is very normal.  So, we decided to involve each of our kids in Advent Conspiracy by giving them a portion of the money that they would have received on Christmas and we are letting them give it in the offering. It may not be quite as exciting for them but they can see what they are sacrificing for and learn how to give first hand.  We want our kids to learn a lifestyle of giving from us.  How can you be creative in teaching your kids to give?

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