An Ever Changing Image

Hey guys believe it or not I am writing this blog on my phone while traveling around Walt Disney World on vacation. I have written while riding a bus, boat and monorail. I am amazed at the way technology has changed how I capture the events of life.

I have always enjoyed capturing images and I am fascinated by how much the technology to accomplish this has changed through my lifetime. The primary way that images were captured while I was growing up was on film. You had to take that film to a lab and have it developed and printed or made into transparent images called slides. I can remember some of the first images from slides that Dad would take when we would go to a NASCAR race. You could take these transparent film images, load them into a tray, and then project them onto a screen, wall, or even a white refrigerator door. I still have many of these slides and the images look as good as they did when they where taken 40+ years ago

Sometime during the evolution of image capture everyone became fascinated with the idea of obtaining their images more and more quickly. There were Polaroid cameras with their instant images and Kodak Instamatics that still had to have their film developed but capitalized on the marketing idea of getting your images quickly There were stand alone kiosks all over the country that offered film developing in one hour. The current era of image capture has gone digital. You can capture an image and immediately print, share, or store ages on the web.

This week we have been talking about being made in the image of God. I believe just as our ability to capture images has become more instantaneous our lives as Christians should change more rapidly as we mature. When we accept Christ we know very little about what it looks like to live as a follower of Christ’s teachings. We are just thankful to have a gracious loving God in our lives. The way we actually live our lives probably doesn’t look much different the day after we accept Christ than it did the day before. As we begin to mature as Christians we should learn that there is more to life as a Christian than just escaping the punishment of Hell. That doesn’t mean we necessarily add a bunch of rules and regulations to our lives but what it does mean is we should begin to value the things that Christ values. The more mature we become the quicker we should make those adjustments that make us more Christ-like.

c50cca15bae6067fcc1f6644621356bfSo much changes in the course of a lifetime. I couldn’t imagine while visiting Walt Disney World as a child in the early 70’s that one day I would return and write a blog on a handheld computer/telephone, include a “selfie” picture with its built in camera and then post to a thing called the internet where anyone in the world would instantly see it. Now if only my walk with Christ would increase as quickly as technology changes 🙂

Scott Pollard
Associate Pastor

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