Will You Move?

The more I spend time with our students at Journey, the more thankful I am that He chose to involve me in His plan to teach and disciple teenagers. I am thrilled that we are discussing the Holy Spirit and His involvement in our lives on Sunday morning (FYI, just in case you missed this past Sunday’s intro to the series) as the doctrine of the Spirit is, for some reason, something many churches do not spend the time in teaching that they should. This is not to throw stones; it’s a fact. Hopefully as the time of Christ’s return approaches the Church as a whole will become far more well-acquainted with the knowledge of the Spirit’s work in her life. I’m glad to know that this is a priority for our church, and I’m glad to know that our church supports the next generation being truly equipped with teaching that had depth and that truly matters. The Holy Spirit will work in these students (and has already been doing so) in amazing ways, and it is such a blessing and reward to watch.

No matter where you may be in your walk, and no matter what your “age” may be since your rebirth, I hope that you’re excited about what we’re going to be doing as a church (both in study and in action), and I hope that you’re going to feel encouraged to step up and step out in your faith to go where you’re going to see that the Holy Spirit is at work and leading in your life. This sounds “churchy” in terms of vernacular, but hey—that’s kind of the point! Don’t be put off by this, as if it’s something you think you’re supposed to be told. There is SO much truth behind a challenge like this, and to accept it is something that is both scary and amazing at the same time!

What do you think you’re being challenged to do in your faith walk?

What’s holding you back?

Let me challenge and encourage you—come to the place where you’re willing to trust Christ and step out to do what you know He’s calling you to. You’ll be amazed at how the Holy Spirit will work in your life to achieve His purposes. There’s so much freedom in this, and it is an awesome journey to be on.

The invitation has been given. How will you respond?

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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