What you water is what will grow.

Last night, I had the pleasure of mowing my grass.
That’s right…pleasure. (And I don’t say that about mowing very often.)
You see, I love a thick “carpet” of grass.

From my days as a “power mower” in school, I mowed acres and acres of campus grass, lush with the benefits of constant watering and fertilization. Sitting on the lawn was like sitting in your own living room.

To be clear, since then, I’ve never had that kind of lawn, but I still wish I did.
The overwhelming heat and incredible lack of rain this year has made my yard anything but lush.

Our little vegetable garden was dying, grass was dying, plants and flowers were dying without the right amount of attention.
I decided to start watering, something I have never done in my 15 years as a homeowner.

Last week, I started seeing the difference.
And quietly rejoiced at the line where my green grass met my neighbors, unwatered, brown grass.
But, I digress…

This week, the grass REALLY needed to mowed, at least in places…
…the places that I watered.

My grass is just like your life in so many ways.
Whatever you feed will grow.

A person who feeds insecurity by constantly saying negative things about themselves, grows more insecure.

A person who feeds fear by worrying about every possible negative thing that could happen, grows more fearful.

A person who feeds anger by replaying every bad thing that has happened to them, grows more angry.

A person who feeds unforgiveness by constantly replaying wrongs, grows more unforgiving.


If you feed gratefulness by constantly reminding yourself of what you are thankful for, you will grow more content.

If you feed happiness by focusing on the good things in your life, you will grow more happy.

If you feed service by looking for ways to serve others, you will become more giving.

If you feed forgiveness by repeating to yourself, “I will forgive them”, you will grow to be more forgiving.


If you do not water your relationship with Jesus through prayer, worship, and His Word, your relationship will wither.
But, if you feed that relationship, you will grow deeper and more intimately with the Savior of the world.

I’m enjoying the benefits of my choice to begin watering.
What do you need to begin watering, today?

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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