Weird Christians

Our current sermon series has been all about being “weird” Christians but in a good way. We should have values that set us apart and make us look weird to the rest of the world. Unfortunately in our quest to be different than the rest of the world we have developed a reputation for being weird in the wrong way. As we wrap up our weird sermon series (insert your own joke about how most of our series are weird) I thought it would be fun to give you a top 10 list of weird things that Christians shouldn’t be known for. If you grew up here in the “Buckle of the Bible Belt” some of these may sting a little 🙂 So without further delay here are the top ten weird things that Christians are known for but shouldn’t be:

1. We judge other Christians for being judgmental.
2. We dress like politicians and business men on Sunday and claim it’s because we don’t want to look “worldly”.
3. We listen to country music because we don’t like the immoral message of Rock music…you know because country music has uplifting lyrics about beer, short shorts, pickup trucks, and more beer.
4. We treat the homeless badly ignoring the fact that our Savior was homeless himself.
5. We want prayer in schools but only if it matches our denominational flavor.
6. We lead protests to protect the “sanctity of marriage” while filling the divorce courts with our church members.
7. We put a fish on the back of our minivan as a testimony to each person we cut off in traffic.
8. We file lawsuits to pray in public while God tells us to “pray in our closets”
9. We believe that each new technology is somehow ushering in the “Mark of the Beast”. (I’m pretty sure it will be e-commerce through the new iWatch)
10. We pride ourselves on not working on the “Sabbath” but don’t mind making others work so we can eat out, shop, and otherwise entertain ourselves.

Scott Pollard
Associate Pastor

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