VBS is Coming to Journey!

I’m so excited about our Vacation Bible School this year! The more I plan for it, the more excited I get. The theme for VBS this year is “MOVE”. It’s all about moving away from our selfish lives that are all about us, to a passion filled life following God’s path. God has a plan for our lives. We want to teach our kids that we want to MOVE towards that path that God has created for us, and not just get stuck in our own path of life’s worries.

Each night of VBS, we will look at a different person in the Bible who drastically changed the course of their life when they met Jesus. They MOVED from the person and the life they had before they knew Jesus, to a life that was passion filled and all about following Him. In VBS, your kids will learn about how the Shepherds, John the Baptist, Zaccheus and Nicodemus all met Jesus and made a drastic change in their lives that was obvious to those around them.

Preparing for VBS has really made me think about my life; when people look at me, do they see a passionate follower of Jesus? I grew up in church and became a Christian at an early age, so sometimes I feel that because I don’t have a drastic life change, I can’t be the best testimony to others that I could be. But I believe that we all came from different backgrounds for a reason, and God has a path for all of us, that will lead us to others that we can help lead to Him. My hope is that as believers we stay on God’s path of a passion filled life following Him. The devil will throw all sorts of things at us trying to distract us and focus us on worldly things, but I hope we can MOVE away from these distractions to focus on God’s plan for us. I hope that you all can make plans for your children to be at VBS this year, where they will learn more about MOVING towards God’s path for their life!

Christie Crowe
VBS Ninja

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