The Journey…Not to be Taken Alone

I think it’s safe to say that we find that this journey that we’re on, our walk of faith that has no destination on this side of Glory, throws us all kinds of curves and takes us down many unexpected twists and turns. While God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and His love for us is unchanging, we are all on a journey, and the obstacles and stops along the way vary for each of us. While we each have our own joys and our own trials that we experience, it’s really important to remember that we’re not on this faith journey alone, and in fact we find that our paths can merge unexpectedly at times.

What do I mean by this (other than just sounding linguistically profound)? Sometimes (actually…most of the time, though we may think otherwise) the paths of our individual journeys are such that our lives are intertwined and we’re intended to experience the walk of faith together for various opportunities for growth. Some of these times it is explicitly because we are to experience the pitfalls with one another and help bear the weight of the burden. In all times, I believe, it is because we are to encourage each other in our spiritual growth, even if that means we have to help set each other straight about certain things that we’re going through. This is what Proverbs 27:17 is all about.

As we continue talking about “The Journey” this month, and as you continue on your own walk of faith, there are times that you will be convinced that the road of faith is only ever to be lonely. This is a lie; you cannot walk this way and it was never intended that you do. Be willing to come along side one another and perhaps with more difficulty, allow others to come along side you.



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