Thankful For Mom

With Mother’s Day coming, I’m sure we all have been thinking of our mothers, what/if we’re getting them something, celebrating them at a dinner, whatever.

It’s funny to think that we do this, and it’s so routine that we don’t actually stop and think of the depths they went through just to be a mom, or stay a mom.

It’s easy to not acknowledge, or not realize what motherhood is or what it looks like fully. It is said in the Bible

“To the woman he said, “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children.” – Genesis 3:16 ESV

Bringing a child into your life is the most painful, hardest, scariest thing to go through. It is also not limited to just birthing. There are so many ways of becoming a mom, none are any easier than the other. Whether it’s conceiving, carrying, and birthing, or conceiving and miscarrying, or still births, or struggles just to conceive, or adopting it’s all hard, the most painful thing to go through. Satan has an Instant door to open and shove fear in. Fear of not carrying to term, fear of not conceiving, fear of not having the money to adopt, fear of not having support, fear of losing the baby to sids, fear of not being prepared, fear of not being enough…Fear.

It’s so easy to forget or downplay just how strong God has made you. That he has equipped you for receiving this blessing, and raising them. Why are the positive words from God, quieter than the negative words Satan whispers? Why is it easier to believe you’re a failure, invisible, unappreciated, or weak? Why are there so much power in these words?

A lot of it has to do with where are you placing your attention. Are you spending time in the Word, listening to God and what he had to say? Or are you diving into the fear, and self loathing? When you’re celebrating all your mom is to you, remember all of who she is. She is a person, valuable, strong, fierce, vulnerable, merciful, loving, and an example in your life always. Remember to embrace her and speak the blessing over her that she speaks over you, and thank her for loving you so much and desiring you so much that she gave everything she had to have you.

Then take time to thank God together for allowing you to experience physically, emotionally, and verbally how he feels for all of us all the time. That he wanted us so much that he created us, is always there for us, and even though we get mad, and don’t always come to Him we love Him and are so thankful for all He has done and sacrificed for us.

Stephanie Eskridge
Worship Ministry

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