Serving and Celebrating This Weekend

This weekend we have the opportunity to spend time together in 2 very important ways. The first begins Saturday morning at 9am at Red Bank United Methodist Church at 3800 Dayton Blvd.

Food Pantry Work Day – 9:00am

We have the opportunity to be a part of a great need in Red Bank. Red Bank United Methodist Church is creating a Food Pantry to service those who are hungry in our area. This is significant, because residents in this area either have to go to Amnicola or to Soddy Daisy to find a food bank, currently, and there is no public transportation in our area. If you can’t afford to eat, you probably can’t afford to drive across town, either. Cold foods, produce, and meats will be available as well as canned and dry goods. The first step in getting involved is preparing the space at Red Bank United Methodist Church. Some work has already been done and several other Red Bank churches are participating including Journey. We will be assisting them to install shelves, tables, and countertops. We need helpers that know how to use tools and others to help out. Lunch is provided as well. Contractors will be on site to make sure everything goes smoothly. After the room is complete and stocked, we will have the opportunity to help in the packing and distribution of food in the future. For now, this is the next step to keep this important project moving forward. We would love for you to join us and feel free to bring a friend!

Journey Night at the Lookouts – 7:15pm

Saturday night at 7:15, the Chattanooga Lookouts will be playing the Tennessee Smokies and we will be there! We will be sitting in General Admission and it should be cooler since it is a night game. Some of the proceeds from concessions will also be helping the Hixson High School Band. Grab tickets online or when you get there and we will meet up together! This is a great opportunity to build friendships, watch some baseball, and just have fun with each other.

I would love for you to join us for both events, but they are not connected. Come to the Food Pantry even if you can’t come to the game and come to the game even if you can’t come to the Food Pantry.

Love you all and looking forward to a great weekend with you!

Pastor Mark

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