Pray for Your People


It is a continual process, but I love that we are taking the time at the beginning of this year to examine what it truly looks like to be the body of Christ in our church. Our church, and all other churches really, can use a good reminder of this and what it looks like in a practical sense for us to live out.

As we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in our lives that follow Jesus, consider those whom you are attempting to reach and disciple. What is the most important thing you can do to help these individuals grow in their faith? Let me direct you with another question there: is it really your efforts that help those people grow, or is it His? The answer is obvious there right? We have to pray specifically for our people as we work to teach them and show them what it looks like to follow Christ. Who are your people? Your kids? The kids or students at church? People in your small group? Others whom are teaming up with you to serve in a specific ministry? Be pointed with your prayers for whoever your people may be, so that both they and you will be guided by the Spirit in your efforts to serve Him–whatever that may look like for you.

He is the one doing the true work here, but we still have an obligation to be obedient and show them the way. As we work diligently to do that, we MUST remain in constant contact with Him in order to point our people to Christ, and so they can learn to do the same with others whom they will eventually lead in discipleship.

I share these words with you after spending some time with Him this morning in prayer for the awesome individuals who serve our students and their families with me in the Student Ministry of Journey. I pray that they may be blessed in their service to these kids and that they would be a blessing to these students as they walk with them through the daily challenge of trying to stay true to Christ as teenagers in American society (you see why it’s important for me to pray over them for that, don’t you?)

Who are YOUR people? What can you do to ensure that your are regularly interceding in prayer to Him on their behalf?

David Henderson
Student Pastor

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