In 2010, Alabama fan Harvey Updyke poisoned 2 iconic oak trees in Toomer’s Corner near Auburn University’s campus. They had commemorated many of Auburn’s wins as fans would flock to the trees in celebration. That year, Auburn had pulled off the great feat of defeating Alabama and Mr. Updyke just couldn’t take it. He doused both trees with herbicide which would eventually kill both trees and require them to be replaced.

They were beautiful, healthy trees but even the healthiest of trees can be robbed of their lives if they are subjected to poisonous chemicals.

The same is true for you and me.

We’ve been talking about being rooted so we can grow deep and live strong. Last weekend, we discovered that scripture tells us that if we are abiding in Christ we will bear healthy fruit. Paul talks about this fruit in his letter to the Galatians.

I wish I could say that Christians who are healthy and growing will always stay that way. Wouldn’t it be great that once you found Christ, nothing could get in your way? The truth is, though, we can be poisoned just like these iconic trees and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably seen it happening around you.

Poison is an unhealthy substance that is introduced to healthy organisms that begins to degrade the health of that organism. Different poisons work differently but they all have the same effect…unhealth in the organism that often causes its death.

Paul warned us about all kinds of poisons in the world around us. They seek to steal the life that we have found in Christ and ultimately cause us great harm.

I think we all want to be healthy but what about the soil our lives are surrounded by? Are growing in healthy soil or is it poisoned? If poisoned, was it placed there by us? What if someone else, like Mr. Updyke poisoning the Toomer’s Corner Oak Trees, has introduced something unhealthy in us?

It is impossible to have a life that continues to be rooted when poison is introduced. Join us Sunday as we talk about how to live, how to heal and how to continue to grow strong.

See you soon!

Pastor Mark

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