People are a Gift


I just have to say, I have so thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Christmas Adam service, that I think it may just be my favorite of all time. On any other year, I’m not sure I would say that but this year is different. This year has taught us a lesson that I hope we don’t soon forget and that lesson is this…people are a gift.

Like Cinderella sang in their 1988 hit…you don’t know what you got till it’s go-one. 🙂

We’ve learned how important relationships are and not just the kind on Facebook, but the living, breathing kind where you can give a hug, share a tear and celebrate life’s joys.

I think we have all re-evaluated our daily priorities in one way or another. A common thread I see is reminding ourselves how much we need each other, miss each other and look forward to seeing each other in person again.

That’s one of the reasons I so enjoyed all of the family videos in this year’s Christmas Adam.

It reminds me of so much of scripture where God tells us over and over, relationships are the most important thing. First with God, and then with each other.

A good portion of the law can be simply read…this is how you should love other people! The entire gospel is wrapped up in the words “God so loved the world” and Jesus says the entire law can be summed up in this…love God and each other.

In fact, I believe that one of the clearest indicators that God is doing something inside you is your ability to show love to other people; sometimes in an encouraging smile and other times a generous gift to someone in need.

I’m not sure what 2021 holds but what I am sure of is that deepening relationships is high on the agenda as we re-enter a post Covid world. As you celebrate Christmas with your families, know that you are loved and God is working in you as you love those around you.

With much love from the our family to yours,

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Mark

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